Dream Junkies - Good Religion (Digital Deluxe)

Dream Junkies - Good Religion (Digital Deluxe)

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Comes with instant Deluxe download (5+ bonus songs)

Instrumentals + Acapella's

Track list:
01. Intro produced by Jungle Hype
02. Take Me Back (feat. Gracy) produced by Anthony Cruz
03. Boogie Man produced by Jruckers & DJ Rek
04. I Got The Juice produced by Christian Sager & Anthony Cruz
05. Left Coast (feat. Murs) produced by Bam Beatz
06. Shoot Me produced by Jruckers
07. ShowBiz produced by Anthony Cruz, DJ Rek, Lere, Kerry Marshall
08. On The Road produced by Anthony Cruz, Lere, & Kerry Marshall
09. Going Left produced by Anthony Cruz
10. Answer Your Call (feat Carlene Crawford) produced by Anthony Cruz, Carlene Crawford, & Ruslan
11. 2nd Hand Smoke produced by Ray Rock
12. All's I Need produced by Wontel, Kerry Marshall, & Jruckers

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