Paul Russell

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Fresh off his collaborations with Grammy-award winning hip-hop artist Lecrae and Dream Junkies alum Ruslan, Paul Russell is ready for his close up. This March, the 21-year old hip-hop artist plans to release his first solo project, entitled Once in a Dry Season.

Known for his melodic style and gruff voice, Paul considers jazz fusion and Motown soul to be the genres from which he pulls many of his influences. He hopes to synthesize a variety of styles in his music to discuss topics such as faith, culture, and success.

More about the artist: Paul is a current senior at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. During his early life, Paul’s family moved around the Atlanta area — from Decatur to Stone Mountain to John’s Creek — before settling down in a Allen, Texas, a small Dallas suburb. To Paul, the ‘where’ of his story is critical because each town has helped to develop his understanding of the racial and socioeconomic differences that shape our world. These differences are major themes he often explores in his music.