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Become a part of the kings dream

Because of your support, this mom-and-pop boutique label has continued to grow and expand beyond our wildest dreams. 

Creating music and content that blends together inspiration and information while empowering youth and young adults to live out the King's dream, is OUR biggest dream.

We love creating music, videos, vlogs and live events for people that rock with us, but we hope to grow and expand what we're doing and reach more people. And that requires our core tribe coming alongside us in a new way. The money generated from Patreon (you pay a monthly amount for cool perks) will help us create consistent music, more videos, launch our video podcast, and purchase a Sprinter van, which will enable us to produce quality live show experiences. 

As our fan base continues to grow and the market evolves to streaming versus buying music, generating revenue from music becomes more tricky. We believe Patreon will allow our loyal supporters to partner with us in exchange for the most value we can give. We plan to produce more live streams, interviews, vlogs, tutorials, and of course more music, as well as expand our team.

Every dollar generated helps further the dream. If you only pledge a few dollars, we appreciate it.

You are helping us make art that empowers people to walk aligned with the King's dream for their lives.